Bury The Hatchet

Catherine Gayle

Bury The Hatchet is a “Fake Married” story in the romance sub genre of Ice Hockey novels.
Hunter makes a few inappropriate remarks about Tulsa when he learns he’s moving there as part of the expansion draft.
To calm down the stories about him in the press and to redeem the image of beauty queen Tallulah they agree to a marriage of convenience.
This is a readable but not especially enjoyable romance. I love “Fake Married” stories and I’ve certainly enjoyed some of the author’s previous Hockey books but this one just didn’t do anything for me.

Rating: C


Sleepless In Manhattan

Sarah Morgan

When Paige and her friends are let go from their jobs they decide to start up their own business. Working closely with her childhood crush Jake as her first client Paige finds herself falling for him all over again.
Normally Sarah Morgan books are super quick reads with really enjoyable dialogue. This particular book took me months of slow grinding to complete. I don’t know if it was just this particular set of characters or something to do with my mindset but I struggled with this book from the off. Now that I’ve finished I can see that it’s a perfectly generic piece of contemporary romance. Nothing overly bad or particularly exciting about it.

Rating: C


Until Love Do Us Part

Anna Premoli

Super rich upper crust Defense Attorney and middle class ‘Irish’ Assistant District Attorney carry bad blood from college into the courtroom. The resultant petty squabble finds the two sentenced to community service. They slowly learn that the other person isn’t quite who they thought they were.
This is one of the most forgettable books I’ve ever read. I honestly had to check on Goodreads to remind myself of the plot after only a couple of days. Forgettable it may be but I still liked some of the back-and-forth dialogue. Still definitely the weakest of the three Premoli books I’ve read.

Rating: C


Miss Kane’s Christmas

Caroline Mickelson

This novella is basically the kind of premise that would you find in a Hallmark Christmas movie.
Santa Claus’ daughter is tasked to bring back the Christmas spirit to a widower by posing as his kid’s new nanny.
Short, super fluffy and free from all major e-book retailers.
Since I’m a Hallmark christmas movie junkie this suited me as a momentary diversion.

Rating: C


Must Love Mistletoe

Christie Ridgway

51b-wizjd5lA freebie from iBooks, this is a competent if formulaic contemporary Christmas romance.
High powered attorney Bailey comes home to bail out the family Christmas store at the busiest time of the year.
Who does she find next door? Her high school sweetheart of course. Former bad boy Finn is home looking after his terminally ill Grandmother while recovering from injuries acquired in the line of duty as a Secret Service agent.
Will sparks fly? What do you think?
Worth reading if you like a serviceable contemporary romance and like the price of free!

Rating: C


Wife By Wednesday

Catherine Bybee

wife by wednesdayUtterly forgettable fake married novel.
Our heroine runs an ultra discreet matchmaking service for the super wealthy.
Titled and super rich the lead male needs a wife to collect his full inheritance.
Turning down the offered matches he instead asks our heroine to be his fake wife for a year.
Of course things don’t quite run smoothly.

Rating: C


The Nine Lives of Christmas

Sheila Roberts

The nine lives of christmasI read this after watching the TV film based on it.
It’s got some differences to the film – particularly in the female lead (Merilee) and the extent to which the male lead’s cat plays a role in events.
It’s pretty enjoyable for a generic romance but I did prefer the version of Merilee they have in the film.

Rating: C


Long Way Home

Neve Cottrell

long way homeAnother free download contemporary romance. This is the story of a young woman returning to her idyllic home town and her estranged family who recovers from tragedy by rediscovering romance.
It’s not hugely well written but the characters are pretty compelling. I couldn’t say it was great but I’d certainly read another book by the author.

Rating: C


From This Moment On

Bella Andre

from this moment onThis is an entirely forgettable contemporary romance. Competently written and entertaining enough it just doesn’t stick in the memory at all.

Rating: C


Love Handles

Gretchen Galway

love handlesCompetent romantic comedy about a preschool teacher who inherits a sports clothing company from her duplicitous and manipulative Grandfather.
She surprises her relatives by not selling the business and instead settling in to try and save the ailing company. All this while resisting the schemes (and advances) of the ex-Olympian VP in day to day charge.
It’s a pleasant enough read – especially for a free ebook.

Rating: C