The Elenium

David Eddings

This is a fantasy trilogy consisting of the following books:
The Diamond Throne
The Ruby Knight
The Sapphire Rose
This is the story of a church knight called Sparhawk and the adventures he goes on to save the life of his queen and prevent his continent from falling in the hands of the debased God, Azash.
Eddings writes fantasy books to a pretty cynical formula, designed to attract as many fantasy readers as possible. I get the distinct impression that he writes for the money.
Saying that I still enjoy the books, they’re a diverting and speedy read. They’re no more than fluff but for reading on the train, they’re just about perfect.
If you’ve just finished reading some of his earlier books, I’d recommend you hold fire for a while, ’cause the formula will slap you in the face. If you’re coming to them fresh and you like fantasy fiction then I’d say they’re worth reading.
I much prefer the Sparhawk stories to the Garion stories, ’cause Sparhawk isn’t quite as annoying as Garion and the stories are a little more adult.
Having said that I’m trying not to read the follow up trilogy – The Tamuli any time soon!

Author: Greig

Professional Librarian from Fife who likes books and music.