Bury The Hatchet

Catherine Gayle

Bury The Hatchet is a "Fake Married" story in the romance sub genre of Ice Hockey novels.
Hunter makes a few inappropriate remarks about Tulsa when he learns he's moving there as part of the expansion draft.
To calm down the stories about him in the press and to redeem the image of beauty queen Tallulah they agree to a marriage of convenience.
This is a readable but not especially enjoyable romance. I love "Fake Married" stories and I've certainly enjoyed some of the author's previous Hockey books but this one just didn't do anything for me.

Rating: C



Crazy in Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop

Annie Darling

The third of the Lonely Hearts Bookshop series finds tattooed cutie Nina trying to find the "crazy love" of her life - the Heathcliff to her Cathy.
No one would be more surprised than her when Noah - the boy her brother bullied every day at school - turns up to rejig the bookshop business and he takes a serious interest in her. Surely she's not interested in this total geek?
Another competent romance from Annie Darling. It's not quite as enjoyable as the first in the series and again relies on people behaving like idiots for it's source of relationship drama. It's worth picking up as a 99p ebook like I did.

Rating: B



Sunset In Central Park

Sarah Morgan

This is the second book in the "Urban Genie" sequence. This is the story of Frankie. Due to her childhood Frankie doesn't trust that love can be real. Matt (brother of book one's Paige) knows that he wants to be with Frankie but understanding that she's got trust issues slowly builds their relationship.
When Frankie finally recognizes her feelings for Matt things go a little haywire.
A perfectly sweet and enjoyable romance by an author who consistently delivers enjoyable romances.

Rating: B



Faking It

Jennifer Crusie

The second Dempseys book is similarly filled with whip-smart dialogue but the story doesn't quite land as well. It stands up just about as well as it did when I reviewed it a few years back.

Rating: B



Welcome To Temptation

Jennifer Crusie

The first of the Dempsey books is an enjoyable read full of Crusie's signature witty dialogue.
I reviewed this one a couple of years ago and most that entry still stands.

Rating: B+



Lost and Found Sisters

Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis writes very enjoyable romance novels. She rarely writes a dud and while they're not particularly memorable they are so much fun while you're reading them.
This particular story follows Quinn - still reeling from the loss of her sister Beth.
In swift succession she learns she's adopted, that her birth mother has died from cancer and that she has a teenage sister.
It's got great female relationships and a half-decent romance.
Definitely worth checking out if you're into contemporary romance.

Rating: B+


2017 Albums of the Year

1Rose Elinor Dougall

2St. Vincent

The Underside Of Power

4Richard Dawson

5Nadine Shah
Holiday Destination

6Filthy Friends

7LCD Soundsystem
american dream

8Mark Lanegan

9Moses Sumney




The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts

Annie Darling

When her friend, mentor and boss dies Posy unexpectedly inherits the bookshop she's worked in all her life.
Not a natural business person she still realizes that something has to change for the shop to remain open.
She decides to re-open the shop as a specialist in the genre she loves - romantic fiction. Unfortunately she has to deal with her boss' rude grandson who is determined that the shop should be a specialist crime bookshop.
Inevitably after many stumbling blocks romance ensues.
I quite enjoyed this one and on balance more than the second book in the series even though the quality was roughly the same. Mainly because the characters in this novel aren't as pointlessly dumb as in the follow up.

Rating: B


2017 Audiobooks

  1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline read by Wil Wheaton
  2. The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams read by Douglas Adams
  3. Pattern Recognition by William Gibson read by Shelly Frasier
  4. Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire read by Cynthia Hopkins
  5. Espedair Street by Iain Banks read by Peter Kenny
  6. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins read by Carolyn McCormick
  7. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins read by Carolyn McCormick


2017 Books

It's been a year of reading in fits and starts - I never quite seemed to have the focus to read a lot. I'm hoping to read a bit more in 2018. We'll see how it goes!

  1. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, rated B+
  2. The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi, rated B+
  3. Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher, rated A-
  4. Armada by Ernest Cline, rated B-
  5. Hold Me by Courtney Milan, rated B
  6. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick, rated B-
  7. Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, rated B+
  8. You Drive Me Crazy by Anna Premoli, rated C+
  9. Love To Hate You by Anna Premoli, rated B-
  10. Until Love Do Us Part by Anna Premoli, rated C
  11. True Love At The Lonely Hearts Bookshop by Lucy Darling, rated B
  12. Wildflower Bay by Rachael Lucas, rated B-
  13. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, rated B-
  14. The Magicians of Caprona by Diana Wynne Jones, rated A-
  15. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, rated B+
  16. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, rated A-
  17. The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich, rated B-
  18. Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan, rated C
  19. One Dance With A Duke by Tessa Dare, rated B-
  20. Rogue One by Alexander Freed, rated B-
  21. Once Broken Faith by Seanan McGuire, rated A-
  22. All Or Nothing by Deborah Cooke, rated B
  23. The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire, rated A-
  24. Sleigh Bells In The Snow by Sarah Morgan, rated B-
  25. Sourdough by Robin Sloan, rated B+
  26. Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan, rated B-