The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter

Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook

the writers tale the final chapterI do intend to actually write something about this one at some point...

Rating: A-



Chuck Klosterman IV

Chuck Klosterman

Chuck Klosterman IVA loose collection of artist profiles, opinion columns and random other bits of writing. Klosterman is a very readable writer but can take some very annoying positions on popular culture.
He's got a whole more broadminded than thou thing going on, combined with a popular is good except when I don't like it stance. Like I say, annoying.

Rating: B-



Jelleyman's Thrown A Wobbly

Jeff Stelling

Jelleyman's Thrown A WobblyLightweight memoir mainly focusing on stories from the Soccer Saturday studio.
So insubstantial as to not be worth full price.
Nevertheless it's still pretty entertaining.

Rating: B



Screen Burn

Charlie Brooker

The first collection of Brooker's TV criticism from The Guardian

Rating: A-


blood and snow?


Terry Pratchett

HogfatherI'm a fan of Pratchett's writing. The man is frighteningly good.
However not every one of his books is a masterpiece. Witness Hogfather.
This book is part of the Death/Susan sequence, which is not my favourite one (only Mort is superb). I've never really loved a Susan book, even though on the face of it she should be a really appealing character.
The plot involves a plan by the Auditors of Reality to have the Hogfather (Discworld analogue of Santa Claus) inhumed by a crazed member of the Assassin's Guild.
I can say that I found it mildly diverting, no more. Which marks it out as rather poor in terms of Pratchett's output.

Rating: B

Hogfather (Sky One)

This was a 4 hour adaptation of the book starring a host of luminaries from the British acting community. While the art direction lovingly recreated the Discworld, the piece as a whole managed to suffer from poor pacing, confusing editing and a total lack of humour.
Unfortunately the thing was done with rather too much reverence for the source material and not enough of an eye on what would make entertaining television.

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