The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter

Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook

the writers tale the final chapterI do intend to actually write something about this one at some point...

Rating: A-



Coffee At Luke's

Jennifer Crusie

This book collects a very unimpressive selection of essays about the TV show The Gilmore Girls.
I could not, in good conscience, recommend it to someone who is not utterly obsessed with the show.
I may be a little obsessed myself. After all I bought all seven seasons on DVD, the soundtrack CD, this rubbish ebook and I've read countless message board posts and reams of fan fiction.
Actually, having written that down, it appears that I'm definitely obsessed with the Gilmore Girls.
So rather than spend any more time talking about "Coffee At Luke's", I'm going to follow the book rating with an essay on the show. It's a long one.

Rating: C-

A rather lengthy essay follows...



The Hell Of It All

Charlie Brooker

The Hell of it All by Charlie BrookerThis is the third volume of Brooker's collected Guardian columns.
I'm very much a fan of his sense of humour and I thoroughly enjoy his work.
I was already familiar with about a quarter of the book as I'd read the columns as they appeared on The Guardian's website.
A couple of the pieces in this book are among the best things he's ever written, and yet, it also has some of the bleakest which can be disquieting among his firework displays of invective.
I'm happy to recommend this (and Brooker's other collections, particularly if you come from a vaguely lefty, media obsessed and net savvy background.

Rating: A-



Chuck Klosterman IV

Chuck Klosterman

Chuck Klosterman IVA loose collection of artist profiles, opinion columns and random other bits of writing. Klosterman is a very readable writer but can take some very annoying positions on popular culture.
He's got a whole more broadminded than thou thing going on, combined with a popular is good except when I don't like it stance. Like I say, annoying.

Rating: B-



Dawn of the Dumb

Charlie Brooker

This is the second volume of Brooker's TV criticism, with the addition of some non-tv columns.
It's still a pretty great read, but reading it straight on after Screen Burn like I did is not recommended as his starts to become a bit over familiar.

Rating: B+



Screen Burn

Charlie Brooker

The first collection of Brooker's TV criticism from The Guardian

Rating: A-