Rogue One

Alexander Freed

By the numbers novelization of the enjoyable Star Wars film. I was hoping for some more fleshing out of the story but there's just next to nothing new in there at all.

Rating: B-



Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Alan Dean Foster

force awakensThe novelization of the latest Star Wars tale is a very enjoyable translation of a very enjoyable film.
As with all books of this type there's a few things that make it into the book from the script that didn't end up in the finished film. They're pretty minor in this case for the most part but still worth checking out if you're hungering for more after seeing the film
Recommended for fans of the film.

Rating: B+



Veronica Mars:The Thousand-Dollar Tanline

Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

Veronica Mars: The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan LineThis novel is the follow up to the Kickstarter funded Veronica Mars movie.
It finds our plucky heroine working her first big case as a professional Private Investigator when two teenage girls go missing during Spring Break.
There are some nice twists in this tale and one very important figure from Veronica's past returns.
I really enjoyed this book - it felt like a satisfying episode of the TV series. I'm willing to bet the audiobook voiced by Kristen Bell is even more enjoyable.
Recommended for fans of the TV series.

Rating: B+



Pacific Rim

Alex Irvine

pacific rimSolid novelization of one of my favourite genre films of the last couple of years.
There was a richness to the world of the film that made me wonder if any of that would be on display in the novelization.
It's there but not to the extent that I expected. What was intriguing is that several small details must have changed between script and film because there are a few things that happen differently in the book.
If you're interested in giant robots fighting giant alien monsters then check out the film first. While the book is enjoyable in it's own right it's probably only really of interest to fans of the film.

Rating: B



The Wedding Date

Liz Young

the wedding dateThis book was originally called Asking For Trouble but then it got turned into a film called The Wedding Date.
Aside from the fact that both the film and the book feature an older sister hiring an escort to go to her younger sister's wedding the two are entirely different.
It's a quick read, with some enjoyable characters but ultimately it's kind of throwaway.
That isn't a bad thing - I enjoyed the time spent reading it - it just means I doubt I'd ever read it again.
Recommended for fans of romantic comedies and contemporary romance novels.

Rating: B



Struck By Lightning

Chris Colfer

Struck by lightningEntertainingly sarky high school novella by the Glee star.
I bought the book after being entertained by the film's trailer.
It's told in the form of the lead character's diary as he blackmails his way through the school popular elite in order to publish a literary magazine to strengthen his college application.
The story is told for maximum dark humour and with absolutely no interest in making the central character sympathetic.
Not outstanding but certainly worth a read.

Rating: B




Yvonne Navarro

Elektra by Yvonne NavarroMovie novelization. Was wrong that there might more depth to it than in the movie.

Rating: C-


brief update (1)

24 Hour Party People

Anthony Wilson

This is the novelization of the script of one my favourite films of
recent years.
It's a very entertaining fictional acccount of the true story of Factory
The book is by Anthony Wilson who ran Factory Records and who fills the
book with asides that point out the bits of the film that are utterly
untrue, kind of true or just plain true. It's an enjoyable read

Rating: B