Welcome To Temptation

Jennifer Crusie

Welcome To TemptationSophie and Amy Dempsey head to the small Town of Temptation, Ohio to film an audition reel for an old friend hoping to break back into the movies after her career derailed.
Sophie is determined to lead an ordinary, normal life given their family legacy of con men and grifters.
One thing leads to another and gossip swirls around the new arrivals, the filming threatens to turn seedy and Sophie starts to fall for the town Mayor.
This is an excellent example of Crusie's work. There's cracking dialogue, a great heroine and an intriguing mystery holding things together.
I read the sequel to this - Faking It - in January and going back to this one makes more sense of some of the things in that book and gives the character of Davy Dempsey a bit more depth.
No one in their right mind is going to read as many of this writer's work back to back as I have but if you want to try her stuff this is one of the good places to start.

Rating: B

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